Massage Therapy

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A gentle massage designed per client specifics and geared toward relaxation.

Swedish Massage (30 / 60 / 90 min)

Hot Stone Massage (60 / 90 min )

Deep Tissue (30 / 60 / 90 min)

Using increased pressure, deeper muscles are targeted layer by layer. Customized toward specific concerns.

Relaxation at it’s finest! Smooth stones are heated and used in conjunction with massage techniques to melt stress and tension away.

Pregnancy Massage (60 min)

Reduces the discomfort brought on with pregnancy to relieve lower back, leg and foot pain, discomfort and swelling, using a special pregnancy massage bed.

Foot Massage (15 / 30 min)

A lower leg and foot therapy combining traditional and pressure point massage techniques.

Provides deep relaxation to the head and scalp.

Scalp Massage (15 / 30 min)

50 / 75/ 100

60 / 90 / 115

90 / 125


30 / 50

30 / 50

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy and has been used for centuries to induce benefits of well being and improve circulation and lymphatic flow among other benefits. Our professional therapists will adapt their expert techniques based on your specific needs to ensure you achieve the maximum benefits of massage. Other benefits of Massage Therapy :

Couples Massage (60 min)


Massage Add-on Dry body exfoliation